avocado chicken salad

DSC_0211chicken salad, the classic, with a green addition.  instead of using standard mayonnaise to coat the chicken and add-ins to chix salad, use avocado!


chicken salad goes green! this is a solid lunch during the week; easy to make, barely takes any time, & a great idea to take for a to-go lunch!  if i’m packing it to-go, i pack the romaine cups in a separate bag or container from the chicken salad, and i assemble them whenever it’s lunch time [so dont forget a fork lol].  i eat this lunch with the simple mills almond flour crackers, which have become a staple in my paleo pantry.  i get the double box at costco, or they sell the single boxes at other specialty stores including whole foods.  the crackers are a crunch on the side, or they are the perfect vehicle to scoop the chicken salad & eat it like a snack. grapes just go with chicken salad, & sometimes i add sliced grapes to the chicken salad itself, if i want them mixed in on a given day.  as for the chicken salad itself…

i still use some mayonnaise (a paleo/whole30 mayo) from wholefoods, but majority of the ‘sauce’ is mashed avocado.  i mash the avocado and mix that with 1 tbsp of paleo mayo, then mix it with all the goods for the chicken salad.

if i’m storing it to eat at a later time, i push plastic wrap directly on top of the chicken salad in between the container and the lid — to prevent the avocado from turning brown!

make it!


› 1/2 cup shredded or grilled chicken

› 1-2 sticks of celery, chopped

› 1-2 strips of green onion, chopped

› 1 tablespoon paleo mayo

› 1/2 avocado, mashed

› S&P

  • first, mash the avocado & mix with the mayonnaise.
  • chop celery + green onion; add to the sauce.
  • toss chicken with sauce, celery, and green onions.
  • add S&P to taste.
  • store for the week or eat it now! on lettuce cups, with crackers, or on chopped greens or romaine.

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