« i am »

registered nurse [thank you NCLEX], organized AF, optimistic, a family gal

« i love »

iced coffee, a solid sunrise or sunset, nut butter, yoga sculpt & spin class, the morning, face masks, wine


» how did i get here? for so long i’ve told myself it would be neat to have a site (or blog) where i can post and share the things i make in the kitchen.  i’ve used my instagram stories to show off my eats, & i have been working on translating my insta stories into a static space where they can live!  i aim to use minimal ingredients, keeping them as clean as possible while still highlighting the tasty factor.  i’m a regular at food prep, a major player with snacks, & a sucker for sweets. along with the other recipes & foods i dream up, i’ll be sure share my eats here «

» my goal is to use racheltiedmann.com to provide a home for my real food recipes «




» what you’ll see a lot of if you follow my blog: salads with hella toppings, nut butter in all forms — almond, cashew, mixed nut — drizzled or spread on anything, sweet potatoes, snack time snaps [snacking is life], food prep & meal prep «

» the majority of what i post & share will be paleo, as that’s how i eat most all of the time.  when it’s not paleo, it’s probably because it involves wine or a sweet treat indulgence «



“everything in moderation”

~my mom, all the time

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