roasted brussels sprouts


one of the green veggies i always have and will throw into any salad or mix with other roasted veggies is brussels sprouts.  i never had them growing up, and always only knew them as that vegetable in the movies that no kid ever wanted to eat.  fast forward years & years later, as i’m an adult, & i try brussels sprouts; i become hooked.

these are easily prepared ahead of time (on food prep sunday) or freshly for a meal on any day.  i know they are done when i can smell them from another room.  there’s a fine line of time that is easily passed if you aren’t paying attention where they just CHAR. so keep an eye on them lol.

you know what they say… a brussels sprout a day!


INGREDIENTS » dsc_0258.jpg


› brussels sprouts

› olive oil

› S&P; for salt, could use Jane’s Krazy Salt ( ›› on favorites page!)


  • set oven to 400F
  • cut the base off of each brussel sprout
  • chop each sprout into half, or into quarters if they are size L sprouts
  • in a bowl, toss the sprouts in just enough OO + S&P
  • roast on parchment-lined or foil-lined baking sheet for ~20-30 minutes, or until browned/cooked to liking
  • store in fridge for another day or just serve!


*i really like a roasted brussels sprout + roasted sweet potato combination for a side; it’s weird, but it works

*i use these in my citrus kale salad when i’m having it at home



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