food faves

here you’ll find some of the things that you cannot make at home, but that i buy in the store to either 1. use in my own recipes or 2. snack on whenever wherever.
» most of my paleo favorites are from trader joe’s or whole foods. or they are from the normal grocery store where they carry general brands. i’ll tell you where i get each of these!


CHOCOLATE! these hu kitchen paleo chocolate bars are literally everything. the choc is so silky & they come with so many amaze flavor additions — like vanilla cashew butter, crunchy mint, hazelnut. i am serious when i say these chocolate bars are a dream. i count on getting them at my whole foods or mariano’s.

» the trader joe’s plantain chips are crunchy, salty, and the perf substitute for tortilla chips.  i dip them in the jalapeno almond dip (later on this post) & in guac when i make it. the only ingredients are plantains + salt.  [trader joe’s]
» ok the trader joe’s mango slices at TJ are it. they are so sweet, chewy, and are legit like candy to me — to the point where i can’t buy them all the time because it’s too easy to eat a full pack in one sitting. there’s nothing added to the dried mangoes, so feel good about them. [trader joe’s]

» the trader joe’s lemon pepper grinder is perfect for chicken that you didn’t have time or energy to marinade ahead of time. drizzle it with olive oil and grind the seasoning over it, cook it, &  you’re done!

» the trader joe’s garlic salt grinder is a FIND if i’ve seen one. it goes perfectly on my roasted sweet potatoes & is also what i use to flavor guacamole. it’s strong, so you don’t need a lot, but it packs a punch of flavor right where you want it.

» the trader joe’s jalapeno almond dip! the way i’d describe it is that it’s like a spicy cream cheese-y dip. i dip the plantain chips in this for a snack or i use it on a buffalo chicken lettuce wrap. also, there’s 30cal in 2 tbsp, so guilt does not exist. [trader joe’s]
jane’s krazy mixed-up seasoning AKA crazy salt. use as seasoning for eggs, roasted vegetables, potatoes. from standard grocery stores like mariano’s, jewel.


the best salsa!! frontera: jalapeno cilantro salsa. for all things you want with salsa.


the simple mills almond flour crackers have become a staple in my paleo pantry.  they are salty and kind of resemble a cheez it with absolutely no cheese ingredient, so they really aren’t cheesy.  they have rosemary extract in them which somehow makes some crazy good flavor.  i get the double box at costco, or they sell the single boxes at other specialty stores including whole foods.

» these are so clean but can easily be passed as a dessert. they are little rounds of date/hazelnut/cacao from trader joe’s that taste like a chewy brownie. such a good find, and such a good addition to a lunch or dinner on the go or at work! shoutout @aeengels12 for the find. [trader joe’s]