lemon blueberry loaf

dsc_0783.jpgohhhhh my goodness.  the lemon blueberry combination.  i almost have NO words for the heaven that it is… but i’ll try and give you an idea of how legit incredible this bread is.  i first thought of this idea becuase i wanted to make something that has a more vibrant flavor than the typical breads — banana, zucchini, pumpkin.  those are all delish in a warm + comforting way, and i wanted this new bread to be brighter & lighter.  i seriously chose this flavor combination as my effort to WILL spring into action.  enter: LEMON. Continue reading

coconut maple almond granola [grain free]

FullSizeRender-10since i’ve found this new yogurt that i am obsessed with [it’s dairy free – cashew milk based – no added sugars, & packed with probiotics.  what more could you ask for when you just really miss parfaits but still want to eat real food with clean ingredients] … GRANOLA!!! except that one major thing with granola is that usually the base is oats which are a grain; which is not something involved in eating paleo.  UNTIL now.  my new coconut maple almond granola is GRAIN FREE + you might not even guess it! it’s crunchy, nutty, clustery, & slightly sweet.  you see it, you like it, you want it? YOU GOT IT.

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paleo chocolate chip cookies

DSC_0556if you were looking for the most classic chocolate chip cookie made paleo, you’ve found them. there’s a science to making cookie dough, where you first cream the ‘butter’ or [sub] with the sugar, then add the other wet ingredients [egg, vanilla], before combining with the mixed dry ingredients.  let’s not forget the important last step, the stirring of the chocolate chips into the batter. YES.

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frozen chocolate covered banana bites


you know how sometimes you want dessert but you told yourself you weren’t going to have dessert that night?  or if you want a snack that’s sweeter than an average snack but not so sweet that it’s dessert?  ORRRRR if you just want a frozen dessert that’s, well, dessert? I GOT YOU >>

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