lemon blueberry loaf

dsc_0783.jpgohhhhh my goodness.  the lemon blueberry combination.  i almost have NO words for the heaven that it is… but i’ll try and give you an idea of how legit incredible this bread is.  i first thought of this idea becuase i wanted to make something that has a more vibrant flavor than the typical breads — banana, zucchini, pumpkin.  those are all delish in a warm + comforting way, and i wanted this new bread to be brighter & lighter.  i seriously chose this flavor combination as my effort to WILL spring into action.  enter: LEMON. Continue reading

coconut maple almond granola [grain free]

FullSizeRender-10since i’ve found this new yogurt that i am obsessed with [it’s dairy free – cashew milk based – no added sugars, & packed with probiotics.  what more could you ask for when you just really miss parfaits but still want to eat real food with clean ingredients] … GRANOLA!!! except that one major thing with granola is that usually the base is oats which are a grain; which is not something involved in eating paleo.  UNTIL now.  my new coconut maple almond granola is GRAIN FREE + you might not even guess it! it’s crunchy, nutty, clustery, & slightly sweet.  you see it, you like it, you want it? YOU GOT IT.

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thai lettuce wraps

DSC_0712lettuce wraps at asian restaurants usually come as appetizers on the menu, & i’m usually that girl that orders that as my meal because they are SO TASTY [i’m talking about you, p.f. chang’s].  so i’m going to go ahead with my statement that these are totally appropriate as a dinner on their own.  they are not the preview to a bigger first course, they are IT. Continue reading

buffalo roasted cauliflower

DSC_0534you know how you can put hot sauce on literally anything and make it great? it 100% works that way with roasted cauliflower, too.  when you roast the cauli in buffalo/hot sauce, it takes away that air flavor of the vegetable & makes it kind of sweet, in a way… which likely sounds strange because we are talking about hot sauce… stay with me.

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paleo sweet vanilla bread

DSC_0598OKAY. it’s here!! this will be the first bread recipe that i’ve tested & successfully created for my blog!  i’ve been wanting to make something like a banana bread, but without the bananas; which would make it just bread. but i didn’t want to make just bread!  [shouts to @aeengels12 for the inspiration for a sweet potato based bread – this one’s for yaaa.]  i wanted the flavor to be neutral in terms of not having fruit or cinnamon or any nut butter, & the reason for that was because i wanted to be able to put whatever toppings on it without clashing or overpowering any flavs!

one of the main reasons i wanted it to be neutral was becuase i recently discovered a new type of jam [just fruit preserves, no sugar] & immediately knew i needed a base for a THROWBACK CONCEPT.  i used to eat this legitimately every single day for lunch in high school….can you guess? PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY, ANYONE?  except that peanut butter isn’t paleo & jelly is sugar-filled, SO… now that i’ve discovered that all other nut butters are heavenly in their own regard and this new raspberry fruit spread from [@TRADERJOES], i’m determined to bring back PB&J.

i tested it with my family + a few others [@chelsboyle, @jozlow], & after batch 2 — which turned out to be just what i was hoping to create — it’s ready for you!


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paleo chocolate chip cookies

DSC_0556if you were looking for the most classic chocolate chip cookie made paleo, you’ve found them. there’s a science to making cookie dough, where you first cream the ‘butter’ or [sub] with the sugar, then add the other wet ingredients [egg, vanilla], before combining with the mixed dry ingredients.  let’s not forget the important last step, the stirring of the chocolate chips into the batter. YES.

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paleo rosemary breakfast sausage


when you go out to breakfast, the sides are always SO good but also tend to make you feel SO not great.  like bacon, sausage, potatoes, etc. they are usually kind of *really* greasy.  having breakfast sausage is actually such a solid way to get protein at the beginning of the day, and if you do it yourself, you get to choose what goes in it, how much you have, and how you feel when you eat it!

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frozen chocolate covered banana bites


you know how sometimes you want dessert but you told yourself you weren’t going to have dessert that night?  or if you want a snack that’s sweeter than an average snack but not so sweet that it’s dessert?  ORRRRR if you just want a frozen dessert that’s, well, dessert? I GOT YOU >>

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coconut flour paleo pancakes

DSC_0376i’ve been really wanting pancakes lately and decided that sunday was the day.  my workout took all my energy (it’s ok, worth it) & i decided pancakes would refuel me appropriately, as long as they were made with the right, clean ingredients.  i didn’t honestly think they were going to turn out & they JUST DID.  they were so fluffy, so cakey, & just sweet enough [sweetened with a honey squeeze + some mashed banana]. Continue reading

cobb salad


classically, cobb salad has like every vegetable in the book thrown into a bowl.  i adapted my own interpretation of what a cobb salad is, and came up with a mixture of mostly raw and some cooked vegetables.  another layer that makes this cobb salad different than a classic is that 1. there’s no shredded cheese or bacon [and it doesn’t need it IMO] and 2. i made a sweet white balsamic vinaigrette; nothing compares to this dressing.

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