lemon proscuitto + brussels sprouts bowl with chicken



› brussels sprouts, shaved/shredded

› grilled chicken or pulled rotisserie chicken

› 3-4 slices of proscuitto, torn

› 1/2 shallot, chopped

› ~1/4 c white wine [i use pinot grigio]

› ~ 1tsp ghee

› juice of ~1/2 lemon

› S&P



  • chop brussels sprouts, shallots, & tear proscuitto.
  • start pan, drizzle olive oil, and add shallots + proscuitto to pan.
  • once shallots become translucent and proscuitto begins to crisp, add shredded brussels sprouts [with S&P], stir & cook until brussels turn a brighter green & soften up.
  • remove EVERYTHING from the pan, leaving the heat on.
  • add wine and allow to sizzle & reduce.
  • drop ghee into the wine reduction, & whisk together.
  • add the brussels/proscuitto/shallots back to the pan with sauce, and toss to coat until abosrbed.
  • squeeze lemon juice into the pan, quickly toss, & top with chicken!

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