citrus kale salad




for the citrus vinaigrette dressing:

›1 shallot, chopped

› 1 lemon, juiced

› 1 orange, juiced

› 1 tsp italian seasoning

› S & P

› 1/2 cup olive oil


for the salad:

› 1-2 cups shredded kale

› small honeycrisp or pink lady apple

› 1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds

› 2 medjool dates, chopped

› brussels sprouts, raw or roasted

› avocado


  • make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients; use a jar or salad dressing bottle to store in the fridge.
  • shred kale from stalks, and toss in the citrus vinaigrette.
  • sprinkle sunflower seeds and chopped dates (or raisins) on kale.
  • place apples, roasted or raw brussels sprouts, grilled chicken, & avocado on top.
  • IF taking it for lunch (packing ahead), keep apple slices separate and coated in lemon juice to keep from turning brown. add to salad right before eating!


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