sweet potato breakfast bowl



› 1 sweet potato

› ground cinnamon

› almond butter

› maca powder

› flaxseed meal

› shredded unsweetened coconut

› blueberries

› banana, sliced

  •  to make the mashed sweet potato, set the oven to ~400.  properly wash the sweet potato + stab with fork to allow holes for air to escape.  bake the sweet potato for ~1hr, or until fork goes in easily. after removing the SP from the oven, allow sufficient time to cool before mashing! (it’ll be v steamy and hot for your hands). once cooled, mash the sweet potato with a fork, while adding sprinkles of ground cinnamon to your liking.  if SP mash needs to be smoother, add a bit of water & mix. the sweet potato mash can be stored like this if you want to use it days later, but keep it in the fridge, and not for longer than a week!

  • when you’re ready to build your bowl, start with 1/3-1/2 cup sweet potato/cinnamon mixture in a bowl.  heat for ~1min in microwave.

  • add the toppings you prefer: i go with almond butter drizzle, maca + flax, shredded unsweetened coconut, and fresh blueberries and banana.

  • great to take & eat on the go! 



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