one pan chicken fajitas


[for 4 servings fajitas]

INGREDIENTS » dsc_0806.jpg

› 4 pieces boneless skinless chicken breast, split [4 pieces is usually 2 breasts]

› olive oil, to drizzle

› 1 tbsp arrowroot or tapioca starch

› 2 tsp chili powder

› 1 tsp cumin

› 1 tsp paprika

› 1 tsp garlic powder

› 1/2 tsp onion powder

› 1/2-1 tsp cayenne pepper [depending on your heat tolerance]

› 1 red bell pepper

› 1 yellow bell pepper

› 1 white onion

› lime juice


  • slice raw chicken into strips.
  • mix all seasonings + arrowroot or tapioca starch into a bowl.
  • slice vegetables into ~equal sizes so that they cook evenly.
  • place the pieces of raw chicken breast in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, + spread the seasoning on, tossing to coat evenly.
  • preheat olive oil in the skillet until it’s steaming, then add the chicken in a single layer.  allow it to cook on the first side, & along the way, go through with tongs — tossing the pieces, flipping, allowing all sides to be cooked through.  this should take about 8-10 minutes total, depending how much chicken you have in the pan.
  • once all chicken is cooked through, remove from the cast iron skillet, & set aside.
  • leaving the heat on medium-high, drizzle a bit more OO; time for the vegetables!
  • add the vegetables to the pan, & cook similarly — tossing and flipping until they have softened and begun to brown.
  • squeeze lime juice into pan with saute-ing vegetables, mix.
  • add the chicken back to the pan to quickly reheat [in the mean time, you may have made some guacamole or roasted sweet potatoes or cauliflower rice, maybe you got your salsa + chopped lettuce ready, & now you can build your fajita bowl



** these fajitas will be great on a tortilla if you choose, or on a bowl of rice or cauliflower rice, & they will save great in the refrigerator as leftovers!! enjoy!!


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