nut butter cups

makes 18-24 nut butter cups.

ingredients » DSC_0996

chocolate layer: [half for the base layer, half for the top layer]

› 1 cup enjoy life chocolate chips, divided 1/2 + 1/2

› 2 tbsp sun butter, divided 1 + 1

sunbutter filling:

› 1 cup sun butter [no sugar]

› 1/3 cup coconut flour

› 1/3 cup maple syrup or honey

› 1 tsp vanilla extract

› 1/2 tsp salt


how to make »
  • line a mini muffin tin with muffin liners [i use the ones with ridges]! – makes 18-24 nut butter cups.
  • melt 1/2 cup of the chocolate chips with 1 tbsp sun butter [base chocolate layer].
  • place a small drop of melted chocolate + sun butter into each cup of mini muffin pan.
  • place the pan in the refrigerator to harden [or freezer to go quicker]. allow the chocolatle to set for ~20 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • in a separate bowl, combine the sun butter, maple syrup, coconut flour, salt, + vanilla extract.
  • once mixed evenly and the base chocolate layer is set, take ~1tsp of the sunbutter filling & roll it in your hands — into a tiny ball, then flatten it —  & put one round in each individual cup of the muffin tin.
  • melt the remaining 1/2 cup chocolate chips + 1 tbsp sun butter until smooth, & top each nut butter cup off until the chocolate covers the top AND sides of the sunbutter filling.
  • place back in the refrigerator until chocolate has set [~20min].
  • store in the refrigerator to keep fresh longer + enjoy!





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