frozen chocolate covered banana bites





› 1 banana, sliced into 8-10 pieces

› 1 tbsp nut butter; i used SunButter

› 1 Hu Kitchen salty dark chocolate bar

  • slice your banana into 8-10 evenly-sized pieces.
  • place bananas on a small freezer-safe dish/plate/baking sheet, & place in freezer. allow to freeze for at least ~30 min, up to a few hours.
  • after that time has passed, remove bananas from freezer & melt chocolate in the microwave.  heat for ~1min total, in 30s intervals, stirring in between.
  • once chocolate has melted, add 1 tbsp nut butter [this is optional, you can leave it out!] & stir until mixed.
  • dip each banana bite into chocolate/nut butter mixture, and place back on freezer plate.
  • once all banana bites have been coated in the mixture, place back in freezer for at least ~10min.
  • you’ll notice the chocolate hardens, which means they are ready for you!
  • enjoy!!




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