DSC_0795it almost feels like i don’t need to post how i make guac, because i feel like guac is kind of a thing that most people [probably?] know how to make! BUT… for those who don’t, HERE YA GO!!! my guac is fresh n tasty, like most guacs [lol].  simple & light, too!! and no additives, just natural ingredients! 

it feels like something so good shouldn’t be this easy… but it is.


make it to go alongside really anything! or have as a snack! i dip plantain chips from Trader Joe’s in it 🙂



› 2 avocados, ripened

› 1/4 red onion, diced

› ~ 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

› juice of 1 lime

› ~ 1/2 tsp Trader Joe’s garlic salt [grinder]


  • mash avocados with fork until smooth + few chunks remain.
  • chop cilantro + red onion, then add to mashed avocado.
  • grind garlic salt directly into guac bowl.
  • juice lime + add juice to guac bowl.
  • mix thoroughly.
  • taste for flavor, & add more of what you want more of!


*to store — i store guacamole in refrigerator with 1 pit on top, & i press plastic wrap directly across the top of the guacamole, pushing all air out, sealing the top of the guac + inside walls of the bowl with the plastic.  it should NOT turn brown this way!!





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