buffalo roasted cauliflower

DSC_0534you know how you can put hot sauce on literally anything and make it great? it 100% works that way with roasted cauliflower, too.  when you roast the cauli in buffalo/hot sauce, it takes away that air flavor of the vegetable & makes it kind of sweet, in a way… which likely sounds strange because we are talking about hot sauce… stay with me.

most of the recipes out there in general [for cauliflower] involve some use of parmesan cheese; let me tell you, the buffalo cauliflower does not miss that AT ALL.  the hot sauce cooks with the cauliflower, so it’s not like you are inhaling cauliflower dipped in cold hot sauce. NO.  it roasts slowly so that the vegetable gets cooked through, & with the hot sauce on & in there, it lets the pieces get a little browned on the outside, which adds a little crisp factor at the end !


i use Frank’s Original RedHot [or the Wing sauce] for this because it’s my fave hot sauce; but you can take the freedom of choosing whichever is your favorite — i imagine it would be almost the same with Cholula.  to start, you’ll chop the cauliflower crown pieces off the full head.  all you have to do for prep is cut them into relatively equally-sized pieces, & toss them in the 2 parts of the sauce/coating — olive oil + hot sauce [of choice].

i tend to eyeball it when it comes to the amounts of hot sauce & olive oil, but i just do this by drizzling it over the cauliflower [in equal parts] in a bowl, tossing it to coat.  if each piece of cauliflower is coated in orange, you’re good to go!


put the cauliflower on a lined baking sheet & cook in the oven on ~400F for ~40min, until desired done-ness.  i know mine are done when they are soft and starting to shrink a bit in size, with dark brown edges on some of the pieces, CRISP!

this is one of the easiest + tastiest ways to prepare this otherwise basic/plain vegetable.  go for it!!



INGREDIENTS » dsc_0535.jpg


› cauliflower, chopped

› olive oil, drizzled

› hot sauce [I use Frank’s], drizzled



  • set oven to ~400F.
  • chop cauliflower crowns off head & into relatively equally-sized pieces.
  • place in bowl + drizzle olive oil & hot sauce until coated.  toss!
  • transfer to a lined baking sheet, & roast in oven for ~40 min — until cauliflower darkens in orange color & appears with some brown, crispy edges.


*It’s great on the side of a salad, on the side of a burger, any grilled meat, or as a snack! Really anything goes!




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