frozen chocolate covered banana bites


you know how sometimes you want dessert but you told yourself you weren’t going to have dessert that night?  or if you want a snack that’s sweeter than an average snack but not so sweet that it’s dessert?  ORRRRR if you just want a frozen dessert that’s, well, dessert? I GOT YOU >>

this might seem like ultra simple [because it is], but i wanted to share it becuase it’s *simply* so right.  you know how at those ice cream places you can get a dip on your ice cream cone?  this is kind of like that. except instead of ice cream, its a frozen banana.


one reason this is so simple is that bananas and chocolate tend to be regulars in the kitchen and pantry.  add some nut butter in with the melted chocolate before dipping, & the match is made.

for this specific round of chocolate covered frozen banana bites i used a Hu kitchen chocolate bar [a food fave!] — the salty dark chocolate flavor.  i could not predict how good the salty factor was in the final product, and i may not go back to a non-salted chocolate.


i started by slicing a ripe banana & freezing the slices individually.  the freezing helps to form them into solid pieces before going into the melted chocolate and potentially falling apart [won’t fall apart if frozen].  i let them freeze for a few hours, but at minimum ~30 minutes!

once they come out of the freezer, the process kind of outlines itself — you melt your chocolate in the microwave [~1min total, 30s intervals].  you stir in the nut butter — if you are choosing to use one.  you dip each frozen bite of banana into the melted mixture, then you pull it out.  place it back on the sheet you froze your bananas on, & back to the freezer they go!


the chocolate hardens much faster in the freezer than a banana, so they will be ready soon 🙂  give them ~10min or longer, then enjoy them!!





› 1 banana, sliced into 8-10 pieces

› 1 tbsp nut butter; i used SunButter

› 1 Hu Kitchen salty dark chocolate bar

  • slice your banana into 8-10 evenly-sized pieces.
  • place bananas on a small freezer-safe dish/plate/baking sheet, & place in freezer. allow to freeze for at least ~30 min, up to a few hours.
  • after that time has passed, remove bananas from freezer & melt chocolate in the microwave.  heat for ~1min total, in 30s intervals, stirring in between.
  • once chocolate has melted, add 1 tbsp nut butter [this is optional, you can leave it out!] & stir until mixed.
  • dip each banana bite into chocolate/nut butter mixture, and place back on freezer plate.
  • once all banana bites have been coated in the mixture, place back in freezer for at least ~10min.
  • you’ll notice the chocolate hardens, which means they are ready for you!
  • enjoy!!


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