coconut flour paleo pancakes

DSC_0376i’ve been really wanting pancakes lately and decided that sunday was the day.  my workout took all my energy (it’s ok, worth it) & i decided pancakes would refuel me appropriately, as long as they were made with the right, clean ingredients.  i didn’t honestly think they were going to turn out & they JUST DID.  they were so fluffy, so cakey, & just sweet enough [sweetened with a honey squeeze + some mashed banana].

i came up with the combination of ingredients from what i wanted to include without overdoing any one ingredient, and i think i achieved it!!

here’s a sneak peek because they were DREAMY.



so the actual pancakes are made of a combination of the following: coconut flour, egg, SunButter [which is sunflower seed’s version of PB, and it might turn them a little green after they cook; it’s just a thing it does], mashed banana, honey, vanilla, baking soda, & THAT’s IT.

this recipe for them made 3 small sized pancakes — see the pics for reference; the serving was honestly perfect for 1 person, especially given that this was a full hearty breakfast (everything on this plate was < 400kcal).  honestly, it was the perfect amount of breakfast that fulfilled my craving & did not make me feel one bit sick or too full.

also it’s worth mentioning that they were a bit tricky to flip on the pan, but i just went for it with one quick slide of the spatula under each pancake, and they lifted just fine, just fragile at first — don’t try to scoop them slowly, they’ll just fall apart.  i cooked them on a pan with coconut oil, & i wouldn’t have done it any other way!

i topped them today with a little dollop of sun butter, a drizzle of honey, and bananas and blueberries!! like i said, they were legit a dream.  you want these. i know it!!



INGREDIENTS » FullSizeRender-7

› 2 tbsp coconut flour

› 1/4 tsp baking soda

› 1 egg

› 1 tbsp SunButter

› 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

› 1/2 banana, mashed

› splash vanilla extract

› honey/maple syrup + SunButter for topping


  • mix coconut flour + baking soda.
  • mash banana, then mix with rest of wet ingredients [separately from dry] with whisk or fork.
  • mix the dry mixture with the wet mixture.
  • melt coconut oil on griddle, and drop batter in rounds onto heated pan.
  • gently but quickly flip pancakes; cook until no longer raw.
  • serve with your toppings of choice & live the dream that is eating these pancakes !!




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