lemon proscuitto + brussels sprouts bowl with chicken


another day, another dinna bowl. this bowl is SO tasty. it kind of subs for a big bowl of pasta with a white wine sauce, partially because that kind of sauce is involved here.  i start with shaved/shredded brussels sprouts they act as the main support of the bowl, but the brussels sprout flavor is not super present… in a good way.

this dinner comes together SO FAST, and honestly, the step that takes the longest is the shredding of the brussels.  i shred them but cutting off the base, cutting each brussels sprout in half, and slicing from there into small shreds. before i cook anything, i also chop the shallot into super tiny pieces — they have a really strong onion flavor, but when it’s cooked, it’s perfect — still want them small though.  another part of my prep is to peel slices of proscuitto & tear into small pieces [you can see in the pics].  key to this being a filling dinner is to also have chicken on hand either cooked or ready to be cooked.

here’s what’s involved in no particular order: brussels sprouts obvi, S&P, shallots and proscuitto, grilled or shredded chicken, ghee, white wine of choice [to reduce, maybe also to drink], lemon juice.

to start, once all my prep is done, i coat the pan in olive oil, and toss in the shallots and proscuitto.  the shallots will become translucent as they cook, and the proscuitto will crisp up. once that starts happening, it’s the perfect time to add in the shredded brussels sprouts.  i throw them in, toss it all around, & at this point may drizzle in some more OO to keep the brussels from charring and burning.  the brussels shreds will start to turn a really bright green, and they’ll also soften as they cook. so once that happens, and it’s all happening evenly, you can remove EVERYTHING from the pan to get ready for the sauce.

leaving the pan on, i pour ~1/4 cup of white wine in, let it sizzle + reduce, and then add ~1tsp ghee [clarified butter, paleo; you can use regular butter if you don’t care]. i whisk those together in the pan, and then toss the combination of brussels, shallots, + proscuitto back in.  toss it in the sauce until it’s absorbed/coated, and then squeeze juice of ~1/2 lemon on top; stir.  top it with chicken and S&P, and go at it!



› brussels sprouts, shaved/shredded

› grilled chicken or pulled rotisserie chicken

› 3-4 slices of proscuitto, torn

› 1/2 shallot, chopped

› ~1/4 c white wine [i use pinot grigio]

› ~ 1tsp ghee

› juice of ~1/2 lemon

› S&P



  • chop brussels sprouts, shallots, & tear proscuitto.
  • start pan, drizzle olive oil, and add shallots + proscuitto to pan.
  • once shallots become translucent and proscuitto begins to crisp, add shredded brussels sprouts [with S&P], stir & cook until brussels turn a brighter green & soften up.
  • remove EVERYTHING from the pan, leaving the heat on.
  • add wine and allow to sizzle & reduce.
  • drop ghee into the wine reduction, & whisk together.
  • add the brussels/proscuitto/shallots back to the pan with sauce, and toss to coat until abosrbed.
  • squeeze lemon juice into the pan, quickly toss, & top with chicken!

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