avocado [sweet potato] toast

my grain-free version of avocado toast uses sliced roasted sweet potatoes that i just pop in the toaster before making the toast! sweet potatoes generally take kind of a while to cook, especially if ya want them to be just right. i’ll usually roast them ahead of time and just toast them (yes, in the toaster) when i want to eat!
                                  how i prep the sweet potato toasts

›› set oven to 400. thoroughly rinse and rub the outside of the SP. slice into 1/2 inch thick ‘toasts.’ roast on parchment-lined pan for ~20 min, until softened (no oil or spray). store in the fridge! until you want to toast it up! for the toppings of the ‘toast,’ i keep it simple, but like with any avocado toast, anything goes! ranging from just avocado and S&P everything but the bagel [Trader Joe’s], crazy salt [fave], some added veggies, a fried/poached egg, bacon or sausage, the list could go on. 

let’s toast! 


DSC_0298› 1 sweet potato

› 1/4-1/2 avocado, depending on size

› sliced cherry tomatoes

› S&P, to taste

› red chili pepper flakes

› 1 egg, optional



  • prepare the sweet potatoes as outlined above
  • toast sweet potato slices to your liking
  • mash avocado, and spoon on top of ‘toast’
  • add desired seasonings + toppings




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