roasted sweet potatoes [RSP]


RSP! does the R stand for roasted or rachel?! that’s up to you.

sweet potatoes always make the weekly grocery list. there are a bunch of ways i can make them + they store well in the fridge even after being cooked !

once they have been roasted, the inside is super soft and just sweet enough, and you’ll know they are done by the outside edges starting to brown and crisp.

diced roasted sweet potatoes are a solid topping for countless different meals, bowls, and recipes.   i use them as a salad topper — a substitute for croutons, maybe? i also use them as the carbohydrate base in a burrito bowl, as a veg to mix in with other veggies in a stir fry bowl. ALSO, roasted sweet potatoes’ best friend IMO is roasted brussels sprouts!! for some reason, the combo is just right and makes a satisfying side for grilled chicken or steak.

i peel the skin off the sweet potatoes {SP for short} because it’s generally really dirty (LOL).  after peeling, i slice the potato into ~1inch rounds, then cut each round into cubes. 

after tossing in OO and garlic salt (@ Trader Joes garlic salt grinder), i arrange them in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet before going in — parchment because i don’t want them to get too brown. 

there will most def be other ways that i use roasted sweet potatoes, but for now, here they are!




› sweet potatoes

› Trader Joe’s garlic salt grinder 

› olive oil

  • set oven to 400-425F
  • start by rinsing the SP
  • peel the skin with a vegetable peeler
  • slice peeled SP into rounds, then into cubes
  • toss in bowl w/ olive oil + garlic salt, to coat & to taste
  • roast SP in single layer on parchment-lined baking sheet for ~ 40min-1hr, depending on size of cubes
  • when you take them out of the oven, let them cool on the pan for ~5-10 min before serving or storing (to prevent from getting soggy)
  • store in fridge up to 1 week or serve warm & enjoy! 



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